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  • What We Know about GTA 6 Locations From the Map Leak


    The news of a massive GTA 6 leak hit the internet in September 2022 when an 18-year-old hacker shared footage of the game on social media.

    While this came as a significant blow to Rockstar Games, fans got a sneak peek at an early version of the gameplay. Not only did we get to meet the main protagonist, Lucia, but we also had the chance to see several in-game locations.

    From a modernized Vice City to the Malibu Club, the leaks shared quite a few details about the landscape of GTA 6. If this piques your interest, you’ve come to the right place.

    In this article, we’ll walk you through everything we know about the GTA 6 map leak.

    Grand Theft Auto 6 Leaks Overview

    The news about the GTA 6 leaks spread like wildfire.

    When 18-year-old hacker Arion Kurtaj released a 3GB file containing 90 videos of the highly anticipated game, fans spent hours dissecting every frame. This gave us a little insight into what we could expect from GTA 6.

    We met Lucia, the first female protagonist in the game’s history, and got to see what the landscape would potentially look like.

    That prompted Rockstar Games to release a 90-second trailer of GTA 6 ahead of schedule. While we can imagine that this wasn’t what the company intended, we got an early look at the locations available on the GTA 6 map.

    Details Revealed in the GTA 6 Map Leaks

    Thanks to the trailer and the leaks, we found out quite a few details about the locations in the latest version of Grand Theft Auto.

    So, here’s a quick look at all the areas we learned about from the GTA 6 map leak:

    Map Locations

    From the GTA 6 leaks, we know that the game will take us back to the brazen Vice City, which is a fictionalized version of Miami.

    The map also seeps into the surrounding swamps, based on the Everglades in Florida.

    Vice Dale is Rockstar’s fictionalized version of Miami-Dade County. It’s also the home of the most exciting hub in GTA, Vice City.

    While many of us are already familiar with the area and the surrounding landscape from GTA: Vice City, the latest edition of the game promises a modern twist on the locations.

    This includes streets soaked in neon lights, pristine beaches, and flashy cars, just to name a few highlights.

    Plus, the latest version of Vice City will feature many points of interest, such as:

          NINE1NINE: An over-the-top version of the high-end nightclub E11EVEN. This location showcases entertainment reimagined as the world’s only 24/7 ultra-club.

          Basketball Arena: Based on the Kaseya Center and makes a brief appearance in the trailer.

          Twin-Tower Condo Block: Recognizable by its connecting roof with a massive hole in the middle, the condo block promises to play a big role in the latest edition of GTA.

          Vice City International Airport: Just like GTA 5, we can expect to see the Vice City airport and may even get the opportunity to steal a plane.

    Other than that, we can look forward to seeing two new counties, Leonard County and Kelly County.

    Map Size

    According to a prominent leak, the GTA 6 map is set to be almost twice the size of its predecessor. This translates to an area of around 40 square miles.

    That means you’ll have plenty of legroom to run around and explore new locations. To top it all off, with a larger map, there are endless opportunities for new missions and objectives.

    Wrapping Up

    Thanks to the GTA 6 map leak, we learned quite a few details about the in-game locations. For starters, we found out that we’ll be going back to Vice City in the modern era.

    On top of that, there are countless areas in Vice Dale County to explore. That includes the Basketball Arena, Twin-Tower Condo Block, and NINE1NINE. Finally, the GTA 6 map should be about twice the size of the GTA 5 map.

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