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  • Grand Theft Auto 6 Map: Here’s What You Must Know


    Despite having only 90 seconds of GTA 6 in the first trailer, fans have already gained so much knowledge about the game’s map.

    After looking through all of it and watching the trailer countless times, we will dissect every bit of those 90 seconds to give you everything there’s to know about GTA 6’s map.

    GTA 6’s Map Size

    GTA 6’s map takes us back to the iconic Vice City, which is heavily based on the city of Miami in Florida. However, it extends to include the entire state of Leonida, which is essentially Rockstar’s version of Florida.

    As such, we should expect to see in-game variations about iconic locations in Florida like Palm Beach, Fort Myers, Key West, Dodge Island, Lake Okeechobee, and Fort Lauderdale.

    So, based on how the game is scaling its map to an almost 1:1 ratio and how Florida’s actual area is 65,757 square miles (170,311 square km), we expect GTA 6’s map to be at least 61,000 square miles (160,000 square km).

    In comparison, GTA 4’s Liberty City was sized at around 6 square miles (15.54 square kilometers). GTA 5’s Los Santos was significantly larger than GTA 4 at 49 square miles (127 square kilometers).

    So, while GTA 6’s map isn’t as much of a jump from GTA 5 (compared to GTA 5’s jump from GTA 4), it’s still larger than both maps combined, with 6 square miles (or another GTA 4 map) to spare!

    All the Major Locations We Know So Far

    GTA 5 was the first in the franchise to introduce fictional counties into the map, which includes Los Santos County and Blaine County.

    As to be expected from the Rockstar Games’ progression scale, there will be a step forward. Based on the trailer, we concluded that we have three counties in GTA 6 and a giant lake in the middle of the map. Here’s our breakdown:

    Vice Dale County

    We can tell Vice Dale County is present because it’s written on the Sheriff's badge. It’s in a news report on a prisoner who seems to be heavily inspired by the Florida Joker.

    You can check the badge at minute 1:04 of the trailer. It only appears for a brief moment before it’s covered by an overlay, so you might want to slow down the video to 0.25 to catch it.

    This section will likely contain the city and outskirts of Miami Dale County.

    Leonard County

    Another difficult catch that needs 0.25 speed is the Leonard Country written on a police car at 0:49. It’s the shot where a fictional video clip by a user named PlanetLeonidaMan is taking a video of a police officer chasing a suspect in a gas station.

    The blue and yellow coloring of the station is mostly a reference to the Sunoco Gas Station chain, which is present all over the United States. With some research, we found that there are no Sunoco gas stations in the southwestern area since it’s mostly swamps.

    So, since Vice Dale County is likely to include the entirety of the east coast, we can assume that Leonard County is the northwest area of the map.

    Kelly County

    Kelly County’s clue appears immediately after Leonard County’s clue at 0:51.

    In another fictional clip by GeneralCustardCannon, you can see the name “Kelly County” in the background on a reflective road sign (the right one). You can catch another much clearer glimpse at another Kelly County road sign at 0:25.

    By the method of elimination, we can assume that Kelly County is the section of the map inspired by Florida’s Everglades area and will be in the southwestern swampy area of the map.

    Lake Leonida (Unconfirmed Name)

    According to the leaked map we got in 2022 (picture below), there’s a giant lake in the middle of the map, which mostly resembles Lake Okeechobee in real life. Leaks can be a hit or miss, but Lake Leonida is the name we got from the leak, so take it with a grain of salt for now.


    To summarize, the entirety of the east coast will be coveted by Vice Dale County, the Everglades to the southwest will be Kelly County, and the Outskirts of Leonard County will be in the Northwest of the map. Finally, we have Lake Leonida in the center of the upper half of the map.

    Additional Locations From the Trailer

    Now that the large sections of the map are covered let’s take a look at individual buildings, streets, and locations that are either present or referenced in the trailer.


    The 500 Brickell

    The 500 Brickell is one of Miami’s most iconic skyscrapers. Rockstar didn’t even try to hide the fact that it’s adapting a structure on it, as it created an identical model of the building in the trailer. You can identify the building at 0:18 by spotting that signature gaping hole in the connecting roof.

    GTA is no stranger to providing players with apartments to stay in. With all the effort that went into modeling the building, we trust that players will have at least one purchasable apartment in the 500 Brickell.

    The Atlantis Condominium

    The Atlantis Condominium is another signature building in Miami that GTA 6 has taken some inspiration from. Unlike the 500 Brickell, the building looks slightly different.

    The original Atlantis Condominium is wide and has a hole in the middle, but the building in the game is seemingly a skyscraper that’s fairly taller than the Atlantis but has that same defining hole in the middle. You can spot it at 0:26 on the right side of the screen.


    The very beginning of the trailer at 0:14 shows Miami Beach, or Vice Beach, in a fantastic shot. But if you look at the top right corner of the screen, you’ll see a banner attached to a plane that reads “NINE1NINE.”

    The only real-life variant of a similar club in Miami is the famous nightclub that goes by the name E11EVEN.

    We still don’t know where exactly the NINE1NINE will be, but it’s safe to say that it’s the in-game variant of the real thing.

    Kaseya Center

    This is the second time we refer to 0:26, but this time, we’re looking at the famous Miami Basketball Arena: the Kaseya Center.

    If you look right behind the girl waving her arms, you’ll see the circular appearance of the arena, along with some additional neon lights that aren’t present in the real building.

    The King of Diamonds

    It’s hard for GTA to be GTA without exotic clubs. GTA 6’s adaptation of its biggest exotic club seems to be inspired by Miami’s King of Diamonds.

    However, we don’t think much romance will be available there since Jason and Lucia seem to be already committed to each other in the trailer.


    Wynwood Street

    The Wynwood is a famous street in Miami with gatherings of people, colorful cars, and lowriders.

    It’s not confirmed yet, but we think that the shot at 0:28 is Leonida’s replica of Wynwood Street. It could very much be a location where you get to upgrade your cars.

    Ocean Drive

    Since the game is based in Miami, it’s essentially for GTA 6 to include Ocean Drive, arguably the city’s most famous street.

    If you check the trailer at 0:32, you’ll see the high-end cars, gatherings, hotels, neon colors, and palm trees. It’s not a 1:1 replica, but it’s definitely Rockstar’s version of Ocean Drive Street.

    You can even spot the Boardwalk Hotel, which we think is the game’s version of the Colony Hotel.


    Biscayne Island (City Island)

    In real life, Biscayne Island is the land area that connects Miami and the Beach. In the game’s map version, it’s named City Island, and it connects Vice City with Vice Beach.

    The Island isn’t an exact replica, but it successfully delivered the overall appearance in a way that can legitimately make it look like a real-life photo. Take 0:32, for example. The staircase-shaped building on the right side of the screen is almost identical to its real-life counterpart.

    Miami Beach (Vice Beach)

    The famous Vice Beach from 2002’s Vice City has had a complete overhaul. Instead of taking half the map in Vice City, GTA 6’s Vice Beach will have its own section to the east of the city as it is in real life.

    Port Miami (Port Vice City)

    Boats are a staple in the GTA franchise, and Port Vice City will have tons of boats that you can…borrow. We’re almost sure it’ll be named Port Vice City because of the shot at 0:24. Take a look at that blue shipping container attached to the crane with PVC written on it.

    Miami International Airport (Vice City International Airport)

    We weren’t sure whether to include this one because it’s basically guaranteed for airports to be present in GTA games. They’ve always been a hub of all the crazy stuff players can do and the endless airport trolling in GTA Online.

    GTA 6 will likely use Miani’s International Airport as its biggest one, with a few smaller ones scattered around for private jet lovers.

    Final Words

    It’s surprising how many details Rockstar managed to condense in 90 seconds, but we’re all there for it. It’ll mostly be a while before we get our hands on the second trailer, but once we do, we’ll break it down piece by piece.

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