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  • GTA 6 Locations: Beaches, Airports, Hotels, and More


    For a video that lasted 91 seconds, the official trailer of the upcoming GTA 6 sure took us on a wild road trip around Vice City.

    We saw hotels, clubs, beaches, airports, and more landmarks than we can count. Everyone was excited, with good reason. Will Rockstar Games give us an authentic depiction of Miami?

    If so, what other locations will the game include? That’s what we cover today. Let’s get right to it!

    1. Vice Beach

    It wouldn’t be Vice City without the iconic Vice Beach. It’s one of the game’s most distinguished landmarks, and Rockstar Games has put in the effort to glamorize it in the trailer.

    It’s home to many of Vice City’s classic hotels and a haven for plenty of expensive cars you can steal whenever you want.

    You probably remember it taking half the map in GTA: Vice City. Given that this rendition is more realistic, we doubt it’ll take that much space.

    Here’s the thing: Vice Beach isn’t one location. It’s divided into South Beach, Mid Beach, and North Beach.

    2. Ocean Drive Street

    You don’t have to be a GTA veteran to identify Ocean Drive. Full of stylish hotels with flashy neon lights, it’s probably the most famous street in Miami.

    The scene plays on nostalgia, as Ocean Drive is where you had to go to save your progress in the 2002 game. You’d be hard-pressed to find another street that perfectly encapsulates the wild, neon-soaked streets of Vice City like this one.

    3. The Hotel Dixon

    The luxurious Hotel Dixon makes one of the most prominent appearances in the trailer. You can see it in the Ocean Drive scene at 0:33, displaying its name in bright neon lights.

    Hotel Dixon is inspired by Hotel Victor, located on Ocean Drive, South Beach. The building has a similar architectural style and uses a similar font to display its name.

    Fun fact: Hotel Victor didn’t always adopt the Art Deco style you know today.

    It underwent multiple renovations to reach its current look, which blends seamlessly with the Vice City style.

    4. Boardwalk Hotel

    Boardwalk Hotel is at the center of the Ocean Drive scene. It’s based on the famous Colony Hotel, which opened in 1935 and has remained one of Miami’s distinguished landmarks ever since.

    Fans believe a location this influential will probably have a crucial role in the upcoming game.

    5. Bayfront Heights

    Bayfront Heights is one of the first locations we see in the trailer. The structure hasn’t appeared in the previous games, so the GTA community doesn’t know much about it.

    Its architectural style is based on the Royal Palm South Beach Miami resort, and it appears to be on the north side of Vice Beach.

    Whether players can rent/buy apartments in that complex is still a mystery.

    6. The Honda Bridge

    We see the Honda Bridge at a dynamic bird-eye angle, with boats cruising around it and a plane flying over it. That bridge connects the Bahia Honda Key and the Spanish Harbor Key.

    It quickly shut down after the construction of the Bahia Honda Bridge, though. If you take a close look at the scene, you’ll notice a missing section from the bridge.

    That’s not an error on the creators’ part. It’s a clever design choice to allow the boats to move freely.

    7. Kelly County

    It’s hard to notice the Kelly County road sign in the trailer. Do you remember the scene with the large man grabbing his crotch? It was right behind him.

    We bet most viewers didn’t even know it was there. It’s hard to connect that county to a real-life location, as the name is too generic.

    Some have theorized it might be a reimagining of Collier County because the pronunciation of their names is a bit similar. That theory doesn’t hold much ground, though.

    8. Vice-Dale County

    Unlike Kelly County, we can easily say that Vice-Dale County is based on the real-life Miami-Dade County.

    That’s where the city and much of the Everglades lay, so fans believe most of the game’s story will take place there.

    9. VCI Airport

    Displayed on the same road sign as Kelly County, “VCI Airport” refers to Vice City International Airport.

    Fun fact: The international airport in the 2002 Vice City game was called Escobar International. The new label makes more sense, though, since Vice City is inspired by Miami, which has an airport called Miami International Airport.

    10. The Kaseya Center

    The Kaseya Center is another landmark that makes a special appearance in the trailer. You can see it in one of the opening scenes, where a girl in a yellow dress is in the passenger seat of a convertible enjoying a wild ride.

    Located in Biscayne Bay, the Kaseya Center is the biggest indoor stadium in Florida, famous for being home to the Miami Heat. Seeing the arena in the trailer was exciting but not surprising.

    Sports have been part of the franchise since the good old San Andreas days. Of course, whether players will be able to access the building or not is still up for debate.

    Either way, it shows how hard the Rockstar Games team has worked to bring an authentic Miami experience.

    11. The MacArthur Causeway

    The MacArthur Causeway is the highway we see at 0:25, the scene with the girl in the yellow dress. Connecting Downtown Miami and Miami Beach, it’s probably the most famous and crowded highway in the city.

    So, we recommend steering away from it if you’re trying to escape the cops. That chase won’t last long.

    12. Miami’s Art District

    Although we only see it for a couple of seconds, Vice City’s mysterious Art District lights up the trailer with vibrant murals and flashy cars.

    The fans believe this neighborhood is based on Miami’s Wynwood, an iconic district famous for its colorful murals. With stunning bars, trendy restaurants, and a thriving art culture, that district perfectly represents the Miami-inspired Vice City.

    13. 500 Brickell Condominium

    The 500 Brickell Condominium is one of Miami’s most famous landmarks. No one can miss that unique connecting roof with the giant hole in the middle.

    Buying luxurious apartments has always been one of GTA’s most rewarding features. So, imagine how excited the fans were when they saw the giant complex in the trailer.

    How exciting would it be if it’s the hideout of one of the game’s iconic villains? It’s the perfect spot for a dramatic confrontation, so we can’t wait to see what Rockstar has for us.

    14. Catalan Boulevard

    Blink, and you’ll miss the Catalan Boulevard road sign in the MacArthur Causeway scene. We’ve never seen that location in the original Vice City game, which is exciting because it proves the map is expanding in the new installment.

    Fans are theorizing it might be based on Biscayne Boulevard in Miami. The word “Biscayne” refers to the inhabitants of Basque, while “Catalan” refers to the people of Catalonia.

    15. Port Vice City

    Port Vice City made a memorable appearance in the trailer, with several boats engaging in a high-speed chase in front of it. That kind of action made people think it might have a role in the story rather than being another location on the map.

    Even if it doesn’t, who wouldn’t want to go on a thrilling boat ride away from all the guns and violence? Needless to say, everyone is thrilled to see its new rendition in the game.

    16.  Little Haiti

    You were probably distracted by the dirt bikers riding recklessly at 1:06 to notice the Haitian flag in the background.

    That suggests the scene took place in Little Haiti, a real neighborhood in Miami. It made its first appearance in the original Vice City, and the architectural style of its buildings hasn’t changed much in the new installment.

    17. Leonard County

    Do you think Kelly County didn’t get enough space in the trailer? Well, Leonard County isn’t any different. You may have noticed the PlanetLeonidaMan social media clip at 0:50, where a cop is chasing a woman in front of a gas station.

    If you take a close look at the cop’s car, you’ll notice Leonard County written on its side. The county consists of several small towns like Stockyard Downtown, Hamlet, Waning Sands, and more.

    Wrapping Up

    There you go. We’ve dissected every second of the GTA 6 trailer to identify as many locations as possible. Of course, we’ve barely scratched the surface. There are still more locations to cover. We just wanted to stick to the ones whose identity is almost confirmed.

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