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  • GTA 6 Cars List: Confirmed and Leaked Vehicles


    Besides breaking the law and beating random citizens up, cars are GTA's strongest selling point. Over the years, Rockstar Games has provided the wildest car designs we've ever seen.

    With the new GTA 6 coming out next year, fans are wondering what kind of stunning cars they'll use to drive around Vice City. Well, we're here to put your mind at ease.

    Breaking down each scene in the trailer and digesting every leaked information on the internet, we'll cover all the cars that might appear in the new GTA 6.

    1. Albany Primo

    The Albany Primo is a sedan car whose design is inspired by the classic Pontiac Bonneville. Seeing that vehicle in one of the opening scenes of the trailer was exciting but not surprising.

    The car has been an integral part of the franchise for a long time. It was in GTA: San Andreas, GTA IV, and GTA V. It's only natural it'd make an appearance in the upcoming installment.

    2. Albany Buccaneer

    The Albany Buccaneer is based on the real-life Ford Fairlane, Buick Riviera. It's a muscle car that's also appeared in the previous installments of the game. You can see it at 0:46 on the right side of an intersection where cars are wildly drifting in circles.

    3. Albany Buccaneer Custom

    Identifying the Albany Buccaneer Custom in the first GTA 6 trailer was a challenge. It was in the art district's car-meet scene, which had too many vehicles for a clip that lasted a couple of seconds.

    However, a small look behind that vibrant green PMP 700 will show you the shiny chameleon Buccaneer with the lowered suspension.

    Seeing that customized vehicle was a huge deal for the fans, as car customization was one of the most enjoyable features in GTA V and GTA Online. So, knowing the developers might keep it in the new installment was reassuring.

    4. Pfister Astron

    Pfister Astron is one of the first vehicles we see in the opening scene of the trailer. The SUV is based on the Porsche Macan, but a few of its components are inspired by other Porsche Cayenne variants.

    You're probably already familiar with it if you've played enough GTA Online.

    5. Pfister Comet Retro Custom

    The Comet Retro Custom appears parked in the middle of an intersection full of police cars. Rockstar Games first introduced this vehicle in GTA Vice City, but its design seems to have changed in the trailer.

    Now, it has new stock trims, longer rear quarter glasses, and a different duck-tail spoiler. The Comet Retro is based on the Rauh-Welt 911 930, but the headlights and side skirts come.

    6. Grotti Cheetah Classic

    You can see the Grotti Cheetah Classic in the Ocean View Hotel scene. Its unique design, which resembles the Ferrari Testarossa, made it easily stand out in that scene.

    How many cars do you know have massive grills on the back, dual circular tail lamps on both sides, and a narrow rear window?

    Besides, it's appeared in GTA Online, GTA: Vice City, and GTA: San Andreas. Any fan of the franchise can spot this car from a mile away.

    7. Grotti Carbonizzare

    Although the Grotti Carbonizzare didn't have much space to shine in the trailer, it was still easy to spot. The sharp rear? The angular tail lights? The rear bumper with curved side edges? No one can miss that unique design.

    Based on the Aston Martin V12 Zagato and the Ferrari F12, the Carbonizzare is one of the most famous sports cars in GTA V and GTA Online. It'll probably be as popular in the upcoming installment.

    8. Grotti Furia

    Grotti Furia made one of the most notable appearances in the trailer. At 0:26, you see a girl in a yellow dress standing in a car with an open roof and enjoying the wild vibes of Vice City.

    Right in front of her, there's a guy in a Grotti Furia trying to record her. Inspired by the Pininfarina Battista, Grotti Furia started as a mission-only car in GTA Online, but it later became available for purchase in 2019.

    We'll have to wait and see if we can buy it right away in GTA 6 or if the developers will make us work for it.

    9. Pegassi Toros

    The Pegassi Toros is the only car on this list that hasn't appeared in the trailer. However, it was part of the footage/images that got leaked in 2022. So, fans are expecting to see it in the new installment.

    Since it made its first appearance in GTA Online in 2018, the car has been a fan favorite. With its Lamborghini Urus-inspired design and incredible engine power, who wouldn't want to take it for a spin in the beautiful Vice City?

    10. Karin Futo

    You can spot Karin Futo in the Dirt-Bike Dirt-Bags Weazel News scene at 1:07. Appearing in GTA IV, GTA V, and GTA Online, the car has quickly risen in popularity.

    It draws inspiration from a variety of vehicles, including the Toyota AE86 Levin, the Nissan Skyline RS Turbo, and the Nissan Pulsar N13.

    11. Oceanic Sedan

    Only true GTA fans will appreciate the Oceanic Sedan appearing in the Ocean View Hotel scene. After all, the car has been a staple in several installments of the franchise, including GTA Vice City, Vice City Stories, and San Andreas.

    So, seeing it in the new trailer brought back memories. It even had the classic yellow and white paint job.

    12. Zirconium Stratum

    We see the Zirconium Stratum in the first few seconds of the trailer among numerous vehicles moving on a bridge. The car has been part of the GTA world since the good old San Andreas days.

    Its design is similar to the Honda Accord station wagon, although some argue it's inspired by the Saturn SW.

    13. Imponte Ruiner

    The Imponte Ruiner appears in the trailer, standing next to a man grabbing his crotch—a short but memorable appearance.

    Rockstar Games first introduced this car to the franchise in GTA IV, and it's been a regular since. Think of it as a combination of third-generation Pontiac Firebird and Chevrolet Camaro.

    14. The Dclass Tulip

    The Declass Tulip had the most prominent appearance in the trailer. Not only do we see it up close while Lucia and her partner are fleeing from Port Gellhorn Part & Gun, but we also see it from the inside.

    Although the fans have already seen it in GTA Online, it seems to have acquired a few design updates, like door/panel gaps and chrome trims.

    Wrapping Up

    There you have it. These are all the cars we could identify in the GTA 6 trailer. We're sure we've barely scratched the surface, but that's what makes the game exciting!

    If Rockstar Games meets our expectations, we'll be in for one hell of a ride! Last but not least, remember Nima's latest leak, which outlines that the cars in GTA 6 must be discovered to unlock modifications. Amazing, right? 

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