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  • The GTA 6 Joker: What’s His Story?


    When GTA 5 was the trending Rockstar game, Lindsey Lohan tried to sue Rockstar Games in 2014 because of the GTA 5 cover girl.

    On December 5th, 2023, the GTA 6 trailer dropped, giving the fans 90 seconds of what the next generation flagship has to offer, along with another legal hiccup: the GTA 6 Joker. So, what’s the story?

    Lawrence Sullivan: The GTA VI Joker

    Known as the Florida Joker before the game’s trailer release, Lawrence Sullivan became the GTA 6 Joker after the trailer dropped.

    On the same day of the trailer release, he uploaded a video on TikTok saying that the character appearing at minute 1:05 of the trailer below strongly resembles his appearance.

    The character doesn’t have his exact facial tattoos, but he does seem to be inspired by him.

    Lawrence ended his video by saying: “GTA, we gotta talk,” but three days later, he uploaded another video emphasizing more the fact that GTA, and we quote, “took my likeness and took my life.”

    He also demanded “a million or two” as compensation for using his facial appearance without his permission.

    Four days later, he dyed his hair pink and wore an orange suit to emphasize his case even more, saying that he was providing the biggest free marketing in the history of the company. He demanded an extra million and gave Rockstar Games three days to respond.

    Three days later, you guessed it, another video. This time, he referenced the Lindsay Lohan case back in 2014, saying that she didn’t have a case, unlike him.

    The trend kept going, with some other videos that include him trying to portray GTA’s gameplay in an obvious attempt to imitate a viral video that went live in 2016.

    This video nailed GTA 5’s camera angles, ragdoll physics, gunfights, and overall atmosphere, unlike Sullivan’s video, which only included him getting in a car.

    You can check all the videos he has about this on his TikTok channel.

    The GTA Joker: Changing the Approach

    At the time of writing this, Sullivan’s last attempt was asking Rockstar to let him voice the character (plus giving him a few million, of course). At this point, it was getting so repetitive that even the comments were starting to make fun of the whole situation.

    Roger Clark, the actor who voiced Arthur Morgan from RDR2, wanted a part of the fun too. He posted a video where he responded to the Grand Theft Auto 6 Joker, telling him that Rockstar Games know exactly what they can and cannot get away with.

    He even told him to go get a job at Home Depot with that face of his.

    For a game developer as established as Rockstar Games, it’s easy to tell that Lawrence Sullivan’s compensation efforts are going nowhere. He is getting some spotlight on TikTok, that’s for sure. But it’s unlikely that Rockstar will ever respond to any of his complaints, especially since, at this point, he’s the one trying to alter his appearance and clothing to resemble the character more.

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