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  • GTA 6 Lucia: The First Female Protagonist in Grand Theft Auto History


    The recent GTA leaks have made quite a buzz on the internet. Fans from all over the globe got to see a sneak peek of what the highly anticipated game has in store for us.

    From neon-soaked streets to brand-new buildings and points of interest. However, one of the most exciting facts we learned about GTA 6 is that the game will have a female protagonist.

    This marks the first woman to take the lead in the GTA series. According to the leaks and the official trailer, our main character is Lucia, a Latina with a mysterious background.

    Although we don't know much about the lead, there are a few details about the character floating around the web. So, if you'd like to learn more about the female protagonist of GTA 6, Lucia, you've come to the right place. In this article, we'll walk you through everything we know about the character.


    GTA 6 is one of the most highly anticipated games in recent history. So, it's no surprise that fans are dissecting every second of the trailer and the recent leaks scouring for information about the game's protagonists.

    While GTA 6 is rumored to have up to four leads, none have garnered more attention than Lucia. For starters, she's the first female protagonist in the GTA series. That makes her one of the most important characters in the GTA 6 roster.

    In the first few seconds of the trailer, we see Lucia in an orange jumpsuit speaking to a Leonida Department of Correction counselor.

    From that, we can assume that our female lead likes to operate outside the bounds of the law. The trailer also goes on to show us Lucia committing armed robbery. Although, it's unclear if that incident was the reason she was behind bars. According to PS Dev Nima, the first mission in the game is a robbery.

    Lucia's Backstory

    Rockstar Games has been tight-lipped about the details of Lucia's backstory. But this didn't stop fans from investigating the female lead.

    According to some rumors, Lucia is part of a massive gang and is the youngest member. Although she grew up around crime, she doesn't particularly enjoy the unlawful aspect of her life. This puts her at odds with her gang, which may lead to many action-packed scenes.


    Sadly, the trailer doesn't reveal much about what Lucia can do as a character, but the leaks shed some light on the subject.

    The videos paint Lucia as the brains behind the operation. She's tech-savvy and can break down complex issues into solvable puzzles.

    Because of that, the character is in charge of aspects like technology and hacking. This perfectly blends with the modern twist on Vice City that Grand Theft Auto 6 adopted.


    Lucia narrates the official GTA 6 trailer, and she's supposedly talking to the main male protagonist. Rockstar has yet to confirm the character's name, but most fans refer to him as Jason. Furthermore, according to Nima, Jason and Lucia live under the same roof.

    However, the company has announced that the main male and female leads are in a relationship and have a Bonnie and Clyde-like backstory.

    Plus, we see Lucia talking to Stefanie, the counselor at the Leonida Department of Correction. While Stefanie appears to care about our female lead, it seems like the feelings aren't mutual.

    The main protagonist of GTA 6, Lucia, has garnered a lot of attention recently. This is likely due to her being the first female lead in GTA history.

    While the official origins of the character are still a mystery, we can assume that at one point, Lucia was part of a gang. We also know that she's tech-savvy and can hack her way out of almost any situation. 

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