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  • GTA 6 Jason: Everything We Know About Him


    You can talk about the guns, the cars, and the money all you want, but the character you play with will always make or break your GTA experience. That’s why Rockstar Games offering two playable characters, Lucia and Jason, in GTA 6 was a huge deal for the fans.

    They were excited to see Lucia, the female protagonist, in a crime game. However, they were more interested in finding everything they could about the mysterious Jason. Well, don’t bother. We’ve already done the research for you. Let’s see who that man is.

    What Did Fans Think Before the Trailer?

    The initial rumors about Jason were a bit unconventional. The gaming community believed he’d be a gang member, yes, but one with a chill demeanor rather than the classic violent attitude.

    With Bryan Zampella hinting he’d be involved in the game on social media, everyone believed he’d be the voice actor for the character.

    Establishing Jason as a laid-back person, players thought his relationship with Lucia would be the polar opposite type. He’s calm and nonchalant, while she’s serious and determined. Of course, that theory was debunked when Rockstar Games’s official trailer came out.

    You know how gamers are; they can take a ninety-one-second trailer and dissect every second to come up with crazy theories. You won’t believe what wild speculations fans have made this time. Let’s take a look.

    Jason Won’t Make It to the End

    The trailer shows that Jason and Lucia have a strong bond, one that’s built on mutual trust. The nature of that relationship wasn’t so different from Joel and Ellie from The Last of Us.

    That’s why many of the game’s fans believe, like Joel, Jason won’t make it to the end of the game. Maybe he’ll get killed in a robbery, and Lucia will set on a path of revenge.

    That theory doesn’t hold much ground, though, so the gaming community didn’t take it seriously. Furthermore, this contradicts PS Dev Nima, who claims that Jason and Lucia live in the same house.

    Jason Is a Cop

    This one has taken the GTA community by storm. It started with a few speculations, but fans kept digging until it gained solid ground.

    Looking at the official poster of the game, you can see Jason wearing green cargo pants. That’s the same color as the Miami-Dade Police SWAT team’s uniform.

    We also see him wearing his watch on the underside of his wrist to avoid reflections that might give away his spot, which suggests a military background. The bodycam scene was the deal breaker, though.

    About halfway through the trailer, we see bodycam footage of a raid from a first-person perspective. Fans believe the camera was attached to Jason back when he was officially a cop.

    Besides, if you take a close look at the other cops in the raid, you’ll notice they’re wearing the same pants he’s wearing in the poster. That further solidifies that theory.

    Here’s where the fans are split: Some believe Jason is an undercover cop whose mission is to bring Lucia to justice. Others think he’s an ex-cop who got fired from the force, so he decided to pursue a life of crime.

    Although the GTA community doesn’t know much about Jason, that didn’t stop them from theorizing what his objectives are.

    Some of these theories are mere speculations, while others make more sense than you might think. We’ll just have to wait and see what Rockstar Games is hiding. Until then, you can share your theories on our dedicated board for Grand Theft Auto 6 speculations.

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