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  • GTA 6 Weapons: Here’s What We Have So Far


    Grand Theft Auto 6 can be a beautiful game of exploring and sightseeing, but the game is no stranger to violent, action-packed gunfights that players often tend to start just to test how capable they are against the GTA police.

    For that, you’ll need guns. Lots of guns.

    Also, it won’t hurt to throw in consumables and tools in the process. Armed with information from leaks and the trailer, this guide will show you every handheld item and weapon in GTA VI so far.

    Assault Rifles

    There’s only one AR that we can confirm so far. While we don’t know the exact name of the weapon yet, it’s based on the AK-47, sporting a considerably large magazine and a metallic black finish.

    Sub Machine Guns

    We currently have two submachine guns confirmed, the first being the game’s version of the Scorpion Mini-SMG in real life. This sub-machine gun has already appeared in GTA Online, but it’s expected to come back in GTA 6.

    There’s also a micro SMG, which we think will be a better carry for stealth missions. Its design is based on the real-life UZI, a rapid-fire SMG that shoots 900 rounds per minute, making it one of the fastest but also hardest to control SMGs.

    Sniper Rifles

    We also have two confirmed sniper rifles so far. First, a bolt action sniper, which is originally made for far targets, but GTA snipers often run around while people with assault rifles hide in corners. We’ll leave it at that.

    Bolt action snipers require manual reloads between every shot, but they often provide better damage, penetration, and maximum distance.

    The second category we have is hunter snipers, which will mostly have a semi-auto mechanism for a better rate of fire in exchange for some damage fall-off. The design we have in the game is based on the L96A1, a real-life sniper rifle.


    We have four confirmed throwables so far: the frag grenade, the Molotov cocktail, the smoke grenade, and the stun grenade.

    The frag grenade design is similar to the standard real-life M61 that you can find in most games. The Molotov cocktail is, well, a Molotov cocktail. You ignite it, throw it, and set everything on fire.

    The smoke grenade is also based on a real-life grenade, the M18 smoke. It can be pretty useful when you have five-star police on your back.

    Lastly, we have the flashbang or the “stun grenade.” It’s based on the real-life M84 stun grenade.


    The only sidearm we have so far is a pistol inspired by the real-life PT92AF. This gun also appeared in GTA 5, 4, III, Vice City, and San Andreas. It’s safe to say that it’s here to stay.


    We currently have a pump action shotgun confirmed in GTA 6, and it’s based on the real-life Mossberg 590. We’d love to have fully automatic shotguns like the AA12 or the HK CAWS, which go through enemies (and ammo) like butter.

    Melee Weapons

    The melee weapons confirmed so far include the baseball bat, the pool cue, and the golf club – all coming back from previous GTA games. Mostly, they will all knock out enemies without killing them.

    Crowbars are also coming back from GTA V to make an appearance in its successor, along with a knife inspired by the UC-RB1 real-life design.

    Heavy Guns

    Two heavy weapons are coming to Grand Theft Auto VI. The RPG, which dates back to GTA 3, is coming back once more to GTA 6. It’s exceptionally useful in vehicular gunfights, but the inventory system in GTA 6 may make you think twice before grabbing an RPG. More on that soon.

    A new weapon showing up for the first time in GTA 6 is the spear gun. It’s unclear what kind of advantage it will offer over other weapons. We’ll have to wait until we can try it out.

    GTA 6 Confirmed Items

    Besides weapons, many other items will be usable in GTA 6. Here’s what we have so far:

    ●      Backpack

    ●      Cigarettes

    ●      Body armor

    ●      Lock Pick (for locks)

    ●      Slim Jim (for car doors)

    ●      Flashlight

    ●      Binoculars

    ●      Cut-off tool

    ●      Food and drink items

    ●      Beverages like wine and soda

    ●      Immobilizer bypass (for exotic cars)

    ●      USB Drive

    ●      Jammer (to reduce the effectiveness of GPS tracking)

    ●      Zip Ties (mostly for taking hostages)

    ●      Taser

    ●      Trauma kit (for health replenishment)

    You may remember that a recent leak from PS Dev Nima states that every in-game action requires a specific tool

    The Inventory System

    GTA 6 may have many weapons and items to choose from, but you won’t walk around with an arsenal like you were in GTA 5 and similar games like Watchdogs.

    GTA 6’s inventory system is fairly similar to RDR2, allowing your character to carry two primary weapons and two secondary ones at max. Nima also claims that we can dual-wield weapons in Grand Theft Auto 6.

    In RDR2, extra weapons were stored on your horse, we’re assuming that GTA 6 will allow you to store your weapons in your car. We’re still not sure of this feature, nor are we sure of whether you get to keep your weapons if the car blows up.

    We also know that GTA 6 will allow you to drop weapons that you don’t need. There are also dedicated animations when you pick up a dropped weapon, adding more to the immersion. The RDR2 Eagle Eye System is also implemented in GTA6, according to Nima.


    There’s no reason for Rockstar to take weapon customization out of the picture. If anything, it should be improved over GTA 5’s customization system.

    However, so far, we have little to no information about how in-depth the customization will be.

    Wrap Up

    GTA 5 had 59 weapons. GTA 6 will likely have a similar range of weapons, if not more. We’re still to get our hands on the full list yet, but the amount of weapons we have already has us on our toes.

    Until we get another update from Rockstar Games, these are all the GTA 6 weapons we know about.

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