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Grand Theft Auto 6 Introduces Tools Such as Lockpicks and Cutters


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Okay, so this information we also got from PlayStation dev Nima on X works hand in hand with the Eagle Eye system. According to his post: "Every in-game action requires a specific tool that players can acquire throughout their playthrough, from lockpicks and cutters to open vehicles and more."


This one leaves room for interpretation, especially on how these tools are acquired in GTA 6. It makes sense for actions to require tools, but it doesn't make sense to spend an hour looking for a lockpick inside a house, for example, without being able to craft it. Buying is also an option, I know, but do we really need to go to a shop before stealing a car?  What do you guys think? 

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I think the lockpick isn't just a typical single-use item that you have to craft or buy; it seems more like a tool. My assumption is that you will unlock each tool as you progress through the story (as in Alan Wake 2 if you ever played that game). By the end of the story, you will probably have all the tools unlocked, enabling you to gather all the collectibles (which I assume will be present, as in the previous titles).

Additionally, I suspect there will be a mini-game for each tool, like pressing a key at the right moment or pressing it multiple times in a short period.

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