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Grand Theft Auto 6 Could Start With a Robbery Mission


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Even though most of the GTA6  information posted by the PS Dev Nima on X makes sense, there are several details that fall in the speculation area. One of these refers to the first GTA VI mission, which Nima claims to be a robbery mission. 


While this may be true, there are three reasons why I question this statement:

  • First, because GTA 5 also starts with a robbery mission, as you guys surely remember. It seems unlikely for Rockstar to start both games with the same mission type. 
  • Second, no matter how Nima got his hands on an early version of the game, I am quite sure it was unfinished. This means that Rockstar can make many changes until GTA 6 is released.
  • The third comes from my experience as a play tester (not a game tester) for Ubisoft Bucharest. During my play hours for Watch Dogs: Legion, for example (yeah, I played that crap 6 months before release), we weren't given access to story missions—just small random side-missions with no cutscenes and very few details. Figuring out how that mission was tied to the whole game was impossible. Also, I don't remember playing those when the final game was released. Most likely, they changed them.

So, what do you think? Could Rockstar start GTA6 with another robbery mission?

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I think starting with a robbery mission in GTA VI isn't necessarily impossible. In the trailer, Lucia is in a high-security prison, being interviewed by a psychologist. How did she end up there? We also see her robbing a store with Jason and fleeing the crime scene. Furthermore, in the GTA IV cover photo, Lucia has a tracking device on her right foot, like prisoners or people under house arrest.

My guess is she gets caught during the Prologue or the first mission, similar to GTA V.

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