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  • GTA 6 Trailer Song: A Returning Classic!


    The trailer we’ve been waiting for for over 10 years is finally here. At the time of writing this, it’s only been up for two months. Yet, it has an amazing 173 million views under its belt.

    With music playing a crucial role in hyping any trailer, many fans wondered what song Rockstar Games decided to include in their next big hit. This post will be all about the GTA 6 trailer song!

    What is the Grand Theft Auto 6 Trailer Song?

    GTA 6’s trailer song is Love is a Long Road. Rockstar Games brought this song all the way from Thomas Earl Petty’s 1989 first solo album, The Full Moon Fever.

    The voice you can hear in the song is Tom Petty’s, and the song itself was written by him along with his guitarist, Michael Wayne Campbell Being the only song we can tie to GTA 6 at the moment, we can only hope that the full version will be available in the game on release day.

    Had you typed the song’s name in YouTube prior to the trailer release, you’d have been greeted by this live performance of the song from nine years ago.

    Tom Petty is one of those few artists whose live performance voice isn’t too different from the studio version, and we love him for it.

    However, if you YouTube the song’s name now, you’ll find this studio version, bass boosted, improved, refreshed with today’s new instruments, and landing millions of views!

    Tom Petty: An Honorable Mention

    The late Tom Petty may not have been around to see his 1989 hit being featured in one of the biggest games of the decade, but his legacy is sure to move on for years to come.

    Other honorable mentions of the late singer include, but aren’t limited to:

    ●      Learning to Fly (1991)

    ●      I Won’t Back Down (1989)

    ●      Breakdown (1976)

    ●      Don’t Come Around Here (1985)

    Is "Love is a Long Road" Suitable for GTA 6?

    Saying suitable would be an understatement in this scenario, as the song perfectly fits the Miami Vice-like vibes you’d expect from the lively neon city and colorful beaches.

    Also, fans think that there are some hidden meanings behind the choice of this song. For example, the opening line is “There was a girl I knew,” which may be referencing Jason’s relationship with Lucia.

    We only hope that the past tense used in this line doesn’t imply that something tragic will happen in the end, though.

    The title of the song itself may carry a meaning as well. Since the protagonists are in a relationship, the title may mean that both of them are going to have a long road before their story ends.

    Love is a Long Road is currently the only song we have from the GTA 6 Trailer, and we’re not even sure it’ll be in the game. But until we get an update from Rockstar or, even better, another trailer, we’ll take what we can have for now.

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