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PS Dev Reveals Some of Grand Theft Auto 6 Mini-Games


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According to PS Dev Nima and his post on X, GTA 6 "has the highest number of minigames among all GTA titles, including Golf, Basketball, Tennis, Pool, and for the first time, a new fishing minigame involving diving and catching a variety of sea animals such as fish, dolphins, sharks, etc, using a harpoon."


This piece of information is something that needs further confirmation, but so far, I can see this happening. We already know that sharks and dolphins exist in GTA 6, as they appeared in the first trailer. I still don't understand how we will catch sharks, though. With a harpoon? That would be hunting, not catching.

Regardless, I can see Jason and Lucia playing tennis, pool, and golf. What do you guys think about these minigames?

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I really enjoy playing mini-games to pass the time. RDR2 featured four of them: Poker, Blackjack, Dominoes, and the knife game Five Finger Fillet. I found them all enjoyable and spent quite a bit of time playing. It would be fantastic to see Poker or Blackjack included in GTA 6 as well. I think they'd fit well.

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