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GTA VI Missions Are Broadcasted on News and Social Media


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The last batch of hot information posted by Nima on X is also pretty intriguing. According to the PS dev: "Most of the game's events and missions will be broadcast on news and social media, with NPCs commenting and discussing them."


What's really interesting about this one is that if NPCs comment on the game events and the missions, we should be able to see those comments, which means that we need access to those social media channels. Hopefully, it's not Facebook. 🤫

News channels broadcasting the game's events is not something new, though. You may remember the alligator scene from the first GTA 6 Trailer. So, how do you think the social media channels work in Grand Theft Auto 6? 

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I think they're going to leave the phone menu in the bottom right corner. You'll be able to use the web browser on the phone to check out the in-game social media platforms and news channels to view comments on your previous missions made by NPCs.

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