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In GTA 6 You Can Surrender to Cops and They Will Remember You


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Last night was pretty intense in terms of news and links, especially if you spend a lot of time on X. PlayStation dev Nima provided a lot of details and information on some of the gameplay features we can expect. One of them (there are threads for the rest) outlines that in Grand Theft Auto 6: "There will be a surrender option when dealing with the cops." 

Speaking of cops, Nima outlines that "NPCs and cops will remember both your appearance and vehicle. They will interact with you differently based on your actions if you keep the same appearance.


The devs didn't confirm any of these, but if you paid attention to all the leaks and the first trailer, the option of surrendering to cops is basically there. 

Regarding the second feature, this can mean many things, including story choices. It also means that we'll need to change clothes and hairstyles quite often. 😀 Thoughts?

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That's an interesting feature. It adds a bit of excitement, always switching cars and outfits to stay one step ahead of the cops. In the previous titles, I never bothered customizing my character too often, but now I have a good reason to do so.

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