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  • Will There Be a GTA 6 Beta?


    Many game studios allow their gaming community to go into public closed and open beta testing to enjoy the game and provide feedback while doing so.

    If you’re familiar with Triple-A EA games like Call of Duty, Star Wars, and Battlefield, then you have mostly heard about their beta testing shortly before the game’s release.

    But can we expect the same from Rockstar and experience a GTA 6 Beta?

    Is the GTA VI Beta Available?

    If you Google Grand Theft Auto 6 Beta, you’ll be surprised by the number of pages that allow you to “download GTA 6 Beta.” You’ll even find websites telling you to download APK versions and pre-order the game's beta version.

    If you’re reading this, we warn you against these websites. They’re either viruses, spam, or money scams. In most cases, you’ll end up downloading a zipped file that asks you to pay to reveal the password.

    As of February 8, 2024, there is no confirmed way to participate in the closed beta for GTA 6 because Rockstar Games hasn’t announced a closed beta for the game.

    Will There Be a Closed Beta for Grand Theft Auto 6?

    GTA 6 will definitely be tested extensively prior to release, but it’s unlikely that Rockstar will announce a public closed beta test. Rockstar Games typically prefers keeping its development process under the radar.

    Going back to GTA 4 and GTA 5, Rockstar had instances of limited access granted to certain individuals or groups before the official release. This might have caused some confusion, as people may think that it was a public closed beta, which wasn’t the case.

    Rockstar does allow testing, but not to widespread public testers like other game studios. Typically, individuals who can get a “beta” version of the game include:

    Social Media Influencers

    Rockstar can provide early access to selected missions or sections in the game to gaming influencers for preview purposes under NDAs (non-disclosure agreements).

    Internal Testing Programs

    Rockstar most likely employs internal testing programs with their own employees or a limited pool of testers before a wider release.

    Modding Community

    In rare cases, some members of the modding community can receive early access to specific game assets for research purposes. We can never know for sure if this has happened within Rockstar or not, as such access is often under a strict NDA.

    So, while GTA 6 will most definitely undergo extensive testing among select individuals, it’s unlikely that we’ll receive a public closed beta unless Rockstar decides to change its approach this time around. Until we get another update, that’s all we know.

    We’d love to tell you that you’ll have access to a public closed beta of GTA 6 if you wait. But considering Rockstar’s pattern so far, that is currently unlikely. We’re yet to receive an official announcement from Rockstar beyond the official trailer and the new page on their website. Who knows, maybe we’ll get to experience parts of the game this time around. All we can do for now is to wait.

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