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  • GTA 6 Cross-Platform: Will Rockstar Prevail?


    Although the new GTA 6 trailer has made a lot of fuss, it kept numerous aspects of the game under wraps. Is there an online mode? Will the studio enable cross-platform functionality?

    That last one, in particular, got people wondering. Unfortunately, you might have to continue wondering for a while. Let’s see what that means.

    What Is Cross-Platform Functionality?

    The name sounds complicated, but the concept is quite simple. Cross-platform games allow players who use different gaming platforms to connect.

    For instance, if you’re playing a cross-platform game on Xbox, you can connect with people using PlayStation or PC and play together.

    Despite its simplicity, cross-platform functionality was a revolutionary initiative. It allowed for a collective gameplay experience, entertaining millions of players throughout the years.

    Will Grand Theft Auto 6 Be Cross-Platform?

    There isn’t a definitive answer to that question, as Rockstar Games hasn’t made any official announcements regarding cross-platform functionality, but we know that there won’t be a PC version at launch. Only consoles: PlayStation 5 and Xbox X/S.

    On that account, it looks like the feature isn’t a priority for the studio at the moment.

    It’s worth noting that none of the previous installments in that iconic franchise had that feature, not even GTA Online. That means it’s less likely the upcoming game will include it.

    However, GTA 6 is meant to be Rockstar Games’ golden child; the crème de la crème. It’s reasonable to think it’ll have features the previous installments didn’t. So, crossplay functionality isn’t entirely out of the equation.

    Besides, countless popular games have included that feature in recent years, so the studio may want to keep up with the new trends.

    Why Cross-Platform Functionality May Not Work in GTA 6

    Although fans love that feature, several reasons could prevent the studio from adding it.

    PC Advantage

    Whether you’re a PlayStation or an Xbox fan, no one can deny PC gamers would have an advantage in cross-platform gaming.

    Console controllers can’t compete with the accuracy of the keyboard and mouse, which would put PC players ahead of everyone else.

    That doesn’t make for a fun gaming experience, and it’s one of the main reasons why PC and console gamers are at war.

    Potential Hacks

    You’ve probably already heard of modding before. It’s a common term that refers to modifying the content of the game without the developers’ permission.

    This phenomenon has existed in the gaming community for a while now, and it’s made several studios angry.

    It’s probably why Rockstar Games doesn’t want to add the cross-platform feature. It’d ruin the experience for those who wanted to enjoy the game the way its developers made it.

    Processing Power

    PlayStation, Xbox, and PC have different processing powers, so they all perform at different rates. Naturally, when users of these platforms play together, a few of them will be at a disadvantage.

    In most cases, that would probably be the console players.

    We’re not saying PC is inherently better, as that depends on its specs. However, a premium PC will outperform a premium console any day. So, it makes sense not to include the cross-platform feature.

    We don’t know if Grand Theft Auto 6 will be cross-platform. The signs indicate it probably won’t happen, as it’d put PC gamers at an unwanted advantage. No one knows what Rockstar Games is planning, though. They might have a pleasant surprise for us. 

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